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NGALA Presents $500.00 Check to LA War Veteran's Move in Reserve LA 11NOV2021.


IMMEDIATE RELEASE                             November 11, 2021

By the National Guard Association of Louisiana

BATON ROUGE – The National Guard Association of Louisiana (NGALA) presented a check in the amount of $500 to the Southeast Louisiana War Veterans Home in Reserve, La. to boost its morale, welfare and recreation (MWR) funds, Nov. 10.

Col. Greg St. Romain, NGALA’s chairman, states that the donation is made on behalf of all NGALA members. He said, “It’s an honor for us to provide a donation to our Louisiana veterans in honor of their service and sacrifice.”

NGALA is the Louisiana National Guard’s (LANG) military officers association and focuses on promoting legislation, building relationships, and developing its officers. In addition to those key components, it has a philanthropic arm which includes assisting disabled and disadvantaged war veterans through morale, welfare and recreation support to the State of Louisiana War Veterans Homes.

The veterans who are residents in the home will get to vote on how they spend the funds. Some examples of how past MWR funds were spent include receiving doughnuts weekly and cooking a steak and shrimp dinner.

Mr. Brian Fremin, the Southeast Louisiana Veterans Home administrator spoke about what a special place this veterans home is. The stories that abound are the most treasured aspect aside from the veterans themselves.

Says Fremin, “It’s an honor to serve these veterans here and to work in this beautiful home.”


NGEDA 2023 Meeting

January 2022

Columbus, Ohio 

At this year's event in Columbus, the State Association representatives attending the annual NGEDA conference which sets the stage for the National Conference in FY23, update the attendees on any applicable current events, provide updates and to resolve and Executive Director and State issues.

This event also allows members to meet with other State Executive Directors and their staff as well as meet new corporate sponsors which can potentially provide new equipment and gear for our Soldiers and Airmen.  This unique meeting permits the first hand interaction and question and answering ability with them and sometimes see first hand their product.  At this event the Association attendees were able to meet a brand new corporate sponsor who many of you LSU sport fans and former students may know:  former LSU quarterback Matt Flynn who is now the owner of a new hydration product call MyHy.  Unless plans change, he and his company will have a booth at our conference where you can meet him and check out his product.

Association Charter and Bylaws UPDATES

The current Charter and Bylaws Committee, Chaired by LTC Will Saint, has presented three (3) resolutions for formal changes to the current NGALA Charter and Bylaws. The subsequent slides provide detailed background information into the rationale behind each resolution. 

These resolutions will be presented during our Annual Conferenced scheduled for 25-26 March 2022 to be voted on by the membership at large.

Proposed Resolutions:

1.  Holding Electronic Meetings

2.  Associate, Affiliate, and Corporate Membership Dues Adjustment

3.  Complimentary Retired Lifetime Membership to NGALA and NGAUS

Charter and Bylaws Power Point can be seen here.

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