NGALA Members,

The National Guard Association of Louisiana will begin its annual membership drive beginning 1 NOV 2018 thru 31 MAR 2019.  When you join the National Guard Association of the United States (NGAUS) and the National Guard Association of Louisiana (NGALA), you add your voice to thousands of others who understand the role of the National Guard in the nation’s security and want to enhance its capabilities to perform that vital mission at home and overseas.

Existing Members - If you paid your dues last year you are an existing member. The NGAUS website has under gone a complete revamp and a lot of positive updates were made to alleviate the issues we had last year.  When renewing now, simply select on NGAUS main page:

            Login-Rewnew Membership-Follow Prompts 

Here you will see your current membership type and when it expires. From there follow the prompts and ensure you select both National and State prior to purchase.  Page 2 of this document contains the membership due breakouts based off rank.

New Members - First time members will have the option to join and establish a first time membership. You can go to where new members can pay for their annual membership and setup an official membership account with NGAUS.  A first time member is considered a newly commissioned or appointed officer or warrant officer or an active\existing LANG member who does not have an established NGAUS account. If you have not paid your NGAUS dues the previous year you probably don’t have an active account so you will need join by clicking this link. Select Join NGAUS in Individual Membership option.

Newly commissioned or appointed officers or warrant officers will still be entitled to complimentary membership.  Simply ensure that you select the newly commissioned option in the membership process.  Complimentary membership eligibility begins in the year that you are commissioned or appointed and ends on December 31st of the following year. 

Any officer who is scheduled to retire or separate in 2018 should consider selecting the Annual Retire Membership or Retired Lifetime Membership options. 

The success and strength of our Association relies on our membership. Remember each and every member counts!  Our deadline for dues is 31 MAR 2019 to NGAUS. Thank you for your support!

NGAUS/NGALA NEW MEMBERSHIP LINK:  Membership Link If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact, 225-716-2014 at NGALA, or Alex Lord at 202-408-5880 at NGAUS.


    Major General Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                                     $219.00

    Brigadier General Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                                $190.00

    Colonel Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                                                $158.00

    Lieutenant Colonel Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                              $127.00

    Major Annual (NGAUS.NGALA)                                                    $107.00

    Captain Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                                                $90.00

    First Lieutenant (NGAUS/NGALA)                                                $72.00

    Second Lieutenant (NGAUS/NGALA)                                           $53.00

    Chief Warrant Officer Five Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                    $129.00

    Chief Warrant Officer Four Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                   $91.00

    Chief Warrant Officer Three Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                 $76.00

    Chief Warrant Officer Two Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                    $61.00

    Warrant Officer One Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                              $49.00

    Complimentary (NGAUS/NGALA)                                                  $0.00

    Separated/Retired Officer Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                     $75.00

    Associate Annual (NGAUS/NGALA)                                               $45.00

    Corporate Annual (NGALA)                                                           $30.00


    Active Lifetime (NGAUS):                                                               $1,000.00

    Active Lifetime (NGALA):                                                               Pending Council Vote

    Separate/Retired Officer Lifetime:                                                $125.00 (NGAUS) $100.00 (NGALA)

    Associate Lifetime (NGALA)                                                           $100.00

    Corporate Lifetime (NGALA)                                                          $100.00


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